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Exporting replica firearms / Carrier for "prohibited goods"

So a friend of mine (totally not me, of course) ordered a KWA pistol off an individual in the US via ebay, and obviously it got seized. So now his plan is to return it to the seller. He was told that he will need to make arrangements with a Canada Customs Bonded Carrier to export the prohibited goods, if he plans to do this.

I've found very little information about this on the boards (aside from this:, so I thought I'd make a thread to ask for some courier recommendations. Between the damn filter bubble on google pointing me to Canadian import information, and my proxy here at work blocking me from visiting sites about weapons, I'm having a hard time finding out what needs to be done for exporting this gun back to the US.

* So the first thing, of course, is finding a courier that will meet the criteria. I've done a little research into UPS and FedEx, and from what I understand (UPS wasn't too clear though), they will not accept this sort of thing. My knowledge of couriers in Canada that will ship to the US is quite limited.
* What extra documentation is required for exporting? The information I found on this is not very clear on replica firearms. This is the closest information I was able to find on it: . According to this, a firearm being exported to the United States only requires an export permit if the firearm is prohibited. I remember from reading something in the past, that the ATF required documentation for replica firearms, but I can't recall where I read that, so I don't know how credible that is.

So in summary, I need some information on how to export a replica firearm that has been seized by the CBSA.
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