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You may purchase all non-gun items from our web store at your leisure without import restrictions. All orders will be shipped in 1-2 business days excluding U.S. holidays. AMS will ensure that all Airsoft guns will be shipped in accordance with CBSA Memorandum D19-13-2. Airsoft guns shipped to CA will have paperwork and associated markings that clearly label muzzle velocity between 366fps-499fps. All other products available from AMS are exempt from these restrictions. We are currently only shipping via USPS.

Waiver of Liability: Please note that the Canada Border Services Agency [CBSA] may inspect and/or seize imported products pursuant to the rules and regulations that govern the importation of commodities into Canada. There may be other fees associated with the importation of Airsoft guns. It is the sole responsibility of the consumer to be aware and informed of both Canadian and local/municipal regulations regarding compliance associated with purchase and use of Airsoft guns. Only specially labeled Airsoft Guns are eligible for shipment to Canada, so please only add to cart Airsoft Guns that are clearly labeled “Canada-Permitted”. Please allow extra time for transit; orders shipping to Canada typically take 5-10 business days for transit* from the time the order is shipped from our facility in California, U.S.A.
Well they claim this ... might be possible, not sure if I'd risk it though.

Plus the fact is, airsoft guns at the retailers in Canada are already cheap enough, that shipping will eat up your savings quick if you can pick up locally.

Toronto Airsoft lists the Dboys Full Metal RAS II CQB for $220, they list it for $165, for example, and their free/cheap shipping is only for US Customers.

Based on USPS charges for a 40x10x5 box (roughly a AEG) shipping charges end up being $65 dollars from the US to Ontario, your cheaper gun just ate away its entire "cheaper price" margin and then some.

As for HST, I find any big package I've ever sent across, or had mailed to me, got dinged with Duty and HST. So American site or not, I'd expect to pay it when I'd pick it up at the post office.

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