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New player, gear help

Hey guys, I've played Airsoft once before and I really enjoyed it so I think I want to take the next step and get some gear so I can play on a regular basis.

My question is what do you guys recommend for "kit" (clothes,vest etc), if possible if someone can give me a list of possible things I would greatly appreciate it.

The next question is what AEG should I get, money isn't an issue and I want something that is going to last and work well.

I have heard good things about the VFC H&K 416 so I am leaning towards that as my first gun. I was wondering if anyone has other suggestions as I really like the look of the D-boys RDW (shorter barrel) is there a specific brand for AEG that I should purchase. Thank's again guys.

Also, is there a good place to buy certain gear/guns that you can recommend, Ive been looking at a few. Any places that build "custom AEG's"?

Btw, I applied already to be age verified, haven't gotten a response in 3 months

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