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Originally Posted by XxBatteryxX View Post
While we are on the subject, should I add a little bit of this pellgun oil to the inner barrel of my AEG when I'm cleaning it after useage? I watched a video a while back I recall and the narrator said to do just that.
You can use silicone oil to clean the inner barrel if its really dirty, but you don't have to. Avoid getting it on the hopup rubber. I wouldn't use Pellgun oil for that (which isn't a synthetic oil). I usually use rubbing alcohol to clean out dirt etc. part of the reason being the fouling you'll get in the inner barrel will partly be atomized oil/silicone from the gas which then attracts dirt. The alcohol helps clean that up (versus throwing more oil onto it). You can clean the inner barrel with a bit of lightweight silicone oil after the alcohol with a stock inner barrel, but a lot of upgraded inner barrels are either polished or coated so you don't need to (and it may adversely affect performance by prematurely attracting dirt).

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