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New potential player..

Hey everyone just thought I'd write up a little blurb to introduce myself. I'm Wayde aka : wb_1971. I'm 33 (and full well expect to get age verified) I'm from St Catharines, Ontario.

I haven't played yet nor have i bought any equipment but i will say the gentlemen at Niagara Quarter master were plenty patient when i was there asking all the questions one asks and showing me this gun and that one and this one again...if it was me I'd had been maybe a little irritated with me but they were full of information (and recommended this forum). Also suggested i rent and play to make sure i like it, before i spend a whole lot of cash on the stuff I'd need.

I have read through this forum, watched you tube videos of some games and have come to the conclusion that I'm gonna love it (i think i need to try for a raise). Anything anyone thinks would be good for me to know please let me know.

I have read through the FAQ's and the Don't import to Canada threads, But i figure I'd rather pay more for a product at my local brick and mortar store than go online. I like the hands on showroom and I like knowing I'm helping keep a roof over the local guys head..

Great forum so far great people from what i can tell so far, I expect I'll learn a lot form this place and only hope that one day I can add as much as i learn

have a great Christmas everyone
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