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Originally Posted by Lockark View Post
Sorry if this has been asked before but...

I don't want to upgrade my AEG's battery for performance, but longevity/battery life.

Is their a way to do that, or are you better off just having a back-up battery to swap in a game if it runs out? Will a li-po of the same voltage accomplish that? thanks!
Very high quality LiPos that can last a whole day of airsoft are cheaper than some purchases at Starbucks, so if you do have some spare cash it's often worth the upgrade to a larger size LiPo (as opposed to fiddling around with "longevity techniques" on NiMH batteries). You may perhaps need more room in your rifle depending on your setup. If you have a full stock on your rifle (AK or M16 for example), it's easy to find 7.4V LiPos in excess of 2500mAh that will rarely if ever leave you wanting a backup battery, even on high power, high RoF setups. I recommend the batteries from, but if you would rather order from a Canadian shop, you can also try the Gens Ace batteries at ... Check out their sales thread in the retailer subforum.
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