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1. Team hiatus till fall and we find a dozen new players!
2. New players are serious about getting organized and official!
3. Low turn out one weekend had us playing five on five, attack and defend games. We send our marksman to the opposite side of our four man assault tasked with gaining there attention. Four of us sneak into tall grass at a creek bed and spread out. As soon as we hear the enemy trying to locate the marksman us four march forward. My wing-man and I move in fast as the two others come up on either side of us. As I Get to some cover and move in I see only one in the bottom level and mercy killed him, got out a tornado and pulled the pin. To bad the rubber stopper at the top was not put in properly... I blew myself up and then watched my wing-man pull the pin on his properly prepped tornado for a beauty double kill on the two in the top floor!
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