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Night zombie game @ Rapidfire. The scene: a track beside the cornfield that the farmer has been driving his tractor down, across the track from the corn was an overgrown ditch- full moon light. Already a zombie i was stumbling around on the track as a diversion while a fellow zombie was hiding in the ditch ready to ambush-lunge out. After shooting me a four man team with a petite girl in third spot continued down the lane. I crumpled to the ground facing the ambush with a satisfied look on my face. My fellow zombie, an average size guy, sprung the trap but coming out of the ditch, tripped and football/ George St Pierre tackled the girl -both of them disappearing into the cornfield. everybody froze-shocked It was just like the movies!!and we heard a feminine voice call out 'it's all good" where in she climbed out of the corn and they continued down the track. After my 200 count i rushed into the cornfield to find my fellow zombie counting to 200 She was quick - shot him point blank as he came out of the ditch. lol

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