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Finding/attending East Wind - hands down the most indepth and awesome experience in airsoft I've ever had.

Edit: Okay, I'll elaborate some since everyone seems to have some stories attached to their most memorable moment.

1. Short call to reinforce the NATO QRF. They got schwacked while going to reinforce another squad holding a town. Literally, the NATO commander asked how many we had ready to go - our section I/C said all - and suddenly we're snagging our webbing and in a CUCV flying to the town. As we peeled out of the NATO base we saw our RadOp (sans radio since it was on the truck and thus we thought HE was on the truck) being left in our dust. About five minutes after we secured the town our RadOp comes running up yelling at us for trying to have all the fun without him!

2. Rushing out one night as QRF to support NATO's British section as they became engaged by a US squad - we didn't find out it was a blue-on-blue engagement until later on in the night. We arrived as the dust was settling and ended up charging forward with the NATO CO since he materialized out of thin air with a set of NVG's. We charge away into the night and I got my forty-five (45) seconds of "trigger time" as we stepped into an ambush - we would have been the ambushers, except one admin called the other admin and tipped off the WARPAC guys to how close we were - I got zipped in a kidney, and became the only Canadian casualty at the event.

3. During the "last battle" - a giant force-on-force battle where all of NATO held a town and all of the Warsaw Pact troops attacked before we had the cultural exchange - I was standing in a second floor conex box building. After my rifle went down (I believe the battery just failed) I continued to use my Elcan sight to call in positions. The LMG gunner beside me got hit, and his C9 was picked up by a West German observer in the tower (who also subsequently got hit). I then picked up the MG and kept going until it went down, then popped a grenade through the door as I saw a WARPAC guy run past it. I picked up the last weapon we had in the AT-4....and instinctive shot at a WARPAC guy from a window. I took a round to my bean for my troubles (no helmet mean my brains painted the inside of the tower) but I evaporated my target with the AT round!
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