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The elitist/snobery attitude makes me laugh because it's unfair to the ones that are'nt inclined to that but still desire the dynamic of having to change a magazine in the game.

Take this example :

Call of duty Vs ArmA

Magazine capacities are the same.

Now, what game has more realism?

We have a point system in Quebec for games involving hi-caps when it is accepted.

For example :

10 points are the total amount permitted so max 200bbs on your person in this example.

10 points = 1 hi-cap

insert everything in between here

1/2 points = 10 realcaps

System permits hicaps and is good since the hi-cap guy may very well endup with zéro bb because of constant fire so he has to learn to manage his ammunitions.

It's a personal choice and the way I see it, if you dont practice you mag changes in a game as often as you could, you dont get the side benefit of practicing under a stressful situation. This is a lot more productive compared to bedroom mag changes.

People around here have started to discover that they prefer this type of game because it also changes the dynamic of the game, waiting for mag change can get you that window of opportunity to move in. Constant fire does not do this so having it is more fun because you have to learn to listen to it and work with your guys for the propper rates of fire so that you dont end-up changing mags at the same time.

Gives you a better sense of what the real thing could be like. I'm not saying that I've done the real thing, this is based on feedback from people I know who were there. Just watching videos of that tough, you can see that no amount of practice seems enough because I've seen some really crappy reloads when guy's were getting shot at for real so any stress management opportunity you can get in a game is defenitly desirable because in a real situation, this could actually save you.

I look at it from a martial arts perspective so that may explain my desire for something closer to the real thing.

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