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Love the hint of elitism/snobbery present in this thread. People are getting uppity over magazine capacity? (Like this isn't the first time this thread tangent has popped up on ASC before, either). Really?

When it comes down to it, this is the simple solution to the hi-cap problem, that is vexing some of you.

1. If it's your game, go ahead and ban 'em. Organizer choice.
2. If you don't like them at a game, go elsewhere where they are banned. Your choice.
3. If option 1. and 2. aren't available, learn to deal with it. You don't have a choice.

It comes down to personal choice, and personal financial resources at any given time to switch over, given the desire to switch. Factor in magazine availability for any given platform, at any given time.

Personal example:

M4 setups (2) - Fully switched to lo/mid-caps. Most used gun in games. Most commonly available magazine type.

Mp5 (1) - Still using the 4x200rnd hi-cap tactical Maracas that came with the gun. Used in one or two games since bought over a year ago. Less commonly found in stock as low/mid-caps from what i have seen so far. Will switch on general principle when a good deal is found that coincides with some mad-money. Until then, hi-caps do for what is basically a wall-hanger.

M14 (1) - Mix of mid/hi-caps. Used in two games since bought. Not been a high-priority to fully standardize to mid's just yet.

Just run what you bring, and have fun. Learn to ignore the magazine masturbation, if it disagrees with you that much - or move on.

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