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Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
LPG used for cooking and such is not very "clean". It's suggested that the additives, and/or the unrefined crap is bad for your pistol. I personally have not witnessed this myself. Even if it is true, regular cleaning and lubrication is key; even if your using green gas. There could be some impurities that eat o-rings, rubber seals, or cheap plastic parts over time; but if it's true, it takes a long time. Green gas is apparently heavily refined, with good silicone oil pre-added. Unfortunately their canisters are not on par. I find it hard to believe that green gas is worth the 4x plus cost of propane.
What evidence do you have that green gas is "refined"? It's almost certainly the exact same propane and they just don't add the scent, and then also add lubricant.

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