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Hey guys,

I just recently bought all my equipment (just finalizing entire loadout for CQB). I've currently played two games, both at Ultimate Airsoft, which seems is going to be my home field. Currently situated in Richmond Hill.

Current Loadout: CQB.

Condor TAN RRV
Utility Pouch
2x double M4 pouches
2x grenade pouches
Admin pouch

All Condor.

Fast core TAN helmet.
Low profile full seal goggles.
Drop down leg holster
8" Black Tactical boots. (about 5 years old, but I love 'em)

I run with a black/gray softshell waterproof jacket with high collar and hood.
Often times I will run with a Go Pro.

Currently in the process of looking for a reliable radio, if anyone has any recommendations let me know.

That concludes gear.

Stock King Arms M4 Full Metal AEG.
(will soon be changing her to CQB - shorter barrel - RIS)
Running Mid Caps (high caps, no thanks)

Socom Gear Les Baer 1911 Ultimate Recon 5" GBB. (planning to change out barrel) KJW

I want to give a few shout outs to the guys at Ultimate Airsoft for running a great field, and being Awesome at doing what they do for our community. Also, Hollywood from Wolfpack whome I had the pleasure of meeting at the Dec 15th game.



Les Baer 1911 Ultimate Recon 5" GBB
King Arms M4 Full Metal - CQB - modded

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