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Originally Posted by SideWazE View Post
Speaking of butane, a friend of mine (years ago) who sold me my first air pistol claimed that he put butane cartridges in it rather than CO2 cartridges because it 'apparently' fired harder/faster. Is that true? The gun was a Crossman 357 from Crappy Tire.

IF that's true, could butane be used insted of green gas or propane to give an added kick power wise? I'm no gas expert here lol, but I've always wondered if this was true. Guessing butane isn't any more/less flamable then propane right?

Actually at a glance, it looks like the vapor pressure of butane is much less than propane. Would probably make it shoot incredibly weak..

Quick google search says butane is 35 psi @ 70F whereas propane looks like it's over 100 at the same temperature. Putting propane into that torch was probably a REALLY bad idea, and now I know why the blue flame went from 1" long to like 4" long, lol.
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