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Mask & Helmet

Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle
Been thinking about minimum protection standards.

I know that many people prefer to play with just goggles... but for close combat, indoor play without mercy rules, Im thinking that maybe full face protection may be in order.

Paint ball face masks.. or simunition helmets...

What are the opinions about requiring full face protection?
I personally have used those full mask for airsoft games when I was in Asia. Since they are specially designed for airsoft games, they offer good protection (even to hot guns) and yet much more comfortable than the paintball full mask. They are made of much softer materials which will fit much better to the contour of your face, and there is no gap which will allow a BB to get through.

In addition to the full mask, I also wear a very light weight helmet which is made of plastic. The whole design is based on the existing US one.

So I have the look, the protection, and the comfort. You can look these equipments up from Japanese airsoft magazines e.g. Arms, Guns and Combat.


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