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Smile We need your help ! Survey

Hello everybody,

We are two students/airsofters enthusiasts, we are currently realizing in the purpose of our internship during our bachelor degree, a market study in association with an asiatic producer of Airsoft replica, so we could demonstrate if yes or no, there’s an actual demand regarding the creation of a new replica.

We are taking this initiative so that every airsofter can have the opportunity to communicate his desires and needs to the producer, and also allow us as players, to bring our own contribution to this passion. We all know that sharing is a value that is important within this community.
The participation to this study is only based on volunteering, and it will be diffused throughout other foreign portals, to add more weights to our results.

Do not hesitate to contact us at the address given at the end of the survey for any questions, and if you would like to help us, maybe spread it out within your contacts.

You will find the survey at this adress :

We would be grateful to you for not talking about the replica itself in the topic in order not to influence the future volunteers.
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