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Taking it apart is actually a very quick process. There's several videos on youtube (I can't view them because I'm still at work).

Basically, you just remove the slide, the grips, the pieces along the sides of the frame (slide release, etc), then unscrew the screw holding the trigger assembly in place (it's a screw under the grip on the left side of the gun), and knock out a couple pins. Then, just pull the trigger assembly out.

The first time I did it, while trying to keep a mental inventory of where each spring and screw belongs, it took about 20 minutes. Once you know where it all goes, it's very quick to take the trigger assembly out.

Edit: don't forget to be careful not to make the paint along the rail slide too thick (so that it won't cause the slide too much trouble), and to lube it again after you paint it.
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