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In my opinion, it's the players responsibility to identify threats as they see them, if I call grenade, and then proceed to throw something that is not a grenade, it is the enemies responsibility to identify it as such, should they treat it as a real grenade and leave cover its easy shooting for me. That's their choice, it's the same thing as me sitting in a observation post where I know the enemy will pass and then shooting them when they enter into range, it's the opponents liability to ensure that the path is clear and free of enemy lines of fire. It is not the shooters liability so he is at a position of advantage, if Someone calls grenade and throws something toward you, it is a legitimate practise because it could be a real or fake grenade or a dud and it is not the throwers responsibility to identify it as such. It is a valid distraction device. An example of this in a military stipulation would be the American soldiers of world war 2 who knew they're German counterparts would leave cover If they faked the ejection of m1 garand magazines, the Americans deployed a distraction device to make it seem they were out of ammo, the Germans made the choice to break cover, and were shot promptly.
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