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So.... Vancouver proper or somewhere else in the GVRD?

TBH I'd recommend some of the new housing/suburb developments in the Surrey area if anything. It's closer to Van, relatively cheap, and actually not bad for crime and whatnot.

Also, main field is Panther Paintball in Surrey or BigFoot Games in Mission. Bigfoot is a bit of a smaller field and I haven't played there (since Surrey is closer for me) but apparently it's supposed to be pretty good.

It's a bit of a trek to get AV'ed especially coming from Abby but there's 2 AV reps in Richmond (Kampfer and Optix) and one in Burnaby (White_Knight).

Occasionally games are played at other venues such as Tsawwassen Paintball, RIP (Richmond Indoor Paintball), and NSPB (North Shore Paintball). As well I have heard of another field that might have games there as well but I don't know too much about it I think it's called Ambush Paintball.
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