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Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
That makes sense. However I'm not about to cut 35mm of my beautiful Navy Seal silencer. Lol

We go to Rob's shop every other week to squeeze off a few rounds in the of season. I'll give this a try, and measure silencer distance to keep the results as accurate as possible. The only gun type we don't have at the moment is a GBBR, or an NBB; but that won't make a huge difference.
Awesome, I'm super interested in the results.

Something you said above made me think about what would happen to the following BBs during very rapid full-auto fire. You could imagine a state of turbulence or interesting air pressure effects persisting within the suppressor after the first BB exited, affecting subsequent BBs after the initial one came out. I wonder if the rate of fire would have to be super high though.
"Mah check"

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