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Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
And never call yourself out prematurely, unless your absolutely SOL. Its not over till Rob's mom sings after all.
Absolutely. Never ever call yourself out unless the grenade actually goes off! Other than duds, I've seen grenades roll past me and go off outside of the intended space we were in. Literally rolled in one door and put the other! Did it go off? Yes. Did any of the BB's remotely come close to touching anyone? Nope because it was in a different room. Granted, a real grenade would have wiped us out still...but this is airsoft!

I get annoyed when people in a 12x12 room with only 1 door and no objects for cover don't call their hit. Just because a BB didn't hit you or it was a ricochet, you're still dead dumb ass!
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