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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
If you respond to a false threat.. and move from your position.. you deserve to be shot.

it's exactly the same as not permitting feints in a boxing match.. the purpose of the feint is to draw someone out of their guard to respond to an action that is not a threat so that a real attack may now be launched to the exposed area. Perfectly legitimate and valid combative technique.
I do not allow it because it's just too easy. A big part of the pleasure in airsoft is sneaking up on the enemy, trying to get in a good firing position, trying to flank, etc...

If all that fun can be destroyed because somebody throws an old shoe in your midst it kind of sucks.

Yes, we should identify what is being thrown at us but considering grenades (fake or real) often falls behind other players or roll all over the place (and is often impossible to see) and you usually have 2-3 seconds to react it's just too easy to throw a grenade and destroy the fun players had.

Happened to me twice. It really pissed me off (and others) twice. I stopped allowing it in my games and never had anyone say it was a bad idea.

Yes in real life I am sure you can do that and if you get away with it : congrats. But airsoft is supposed to be fun and this is just NOT fun.
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