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Monkey was deployed last night at UA, I waited for my enemies to approach the police station in where I was hiding for about 20 minutes, it was 3 versus 1 and I was only rocking my kjw p226, I held the grenade for a while, as all the enemies had just realized where I was hiding, while their guns were trained on me through a doorway. I found it appropriate to dance a little and be happy as I knew my fate would be sealed, in calling grenade I proceeded to throw the little brown monkey in the direction of the 3 enemies, one of them who will not be named began to run away in fear, the other 2 were attempting to look for it and were clearly distracted, I kicked open the door to the police station and proceeded to shoot at least 2 of them before being cut down by the third enemy who had just realized it was a little brown monkey, and was in a good position to fire on me,
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