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Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
- if your BB passes through a suppressor, it will mildly knockdown your FPS. That means it comes after your inner barrel (not covering it).
I think you would need to back this claim up with evidence and have other people able to reproduce your test. Off the top of my head you'd also have to ensure your chrono is at the same distance from the exit of the barrel in each case, in order to ensure your results were accurate. Until then, I'm going to challenge this claim.

It's fairly well-established on other more technical airsoft forums that "barrel suck" doesn't exist, so it's extremely unlikely that "suppressor suck" exists. Again, we are talking about your BB usually clearing the length of your suppressor tube in well under a millisecond -- there's really nothing about the interior of the suppressor that is different from the air it travels through once it is out of the suppressor.

I don't think the fluid dynamics of air allows for any "wake" or pressurized suck to catch up with the BB before it exists out of the suppressor. I could be wrong if your argument is that the sound wave would cause some kind of friction, but that sounds crazy, no pun intended
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