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Originally Posted by FirestormX View Post
They're the same parts, but they're not built with the same quality. Most AEGs run off a gearbox designed by TM, but there's so much deviation in quality. From just using cheaper materials, to having completely misaligned gears when assembled.
Similarly gas blowback guns, while requiring less precision per se, still rely on the quality of their internals.

As for your bit about getting AV'ed - if you do get AV'ed, KJW M9s go through the classifieds in the AV'ed section very frequently. Often with an extra mag or even a spare parts gun, for much cheaper than if you got them new.
Lol, oh trust me I know about the parts thing and quality of said parts. Same goes with performance car parts that I used to sell. There's quality JDM parts that cost and there's Chinese knock-off's that crap out on ya lol. Now if I go with the KJW version and go to upgrade, can I or would I be using TM parts? Then at least I know what I'm putting in is top notch correct? Also other then the added decocking feature, would you say the KJW & KWA M9's are identical for power, percision, upgradeable and realistic field stripping that mimics the real Beretta? May sound silly but that's something I'm looking at too, lol as close to the "real thing" as possible is what I hope to get . Sorry for all the questions here but hey, only asking because I honestly don't know .

As for verified, oh yeah it won't be an issue. I'm definiately of age and I'm in contact with one of people in my area that does it. Hopefully get it done soon.

Thanks very much everyone for all the feedback, I REALLY apprecaite it. Lots to think and consider but having as much information as possible goes far when purchasing things like this. Next step will have to be getting on a team and playing a few rounds
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