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Originally Posted by SideWazE View Post
If so, why wouldn't I just buy the KJW full metal version and be done with it? From what I have 'read' they appear to be exactly the same as both are upgradeable, have the same spec's, parts and so on.
They're the same parts, but they're not built with the same quality. Most AEGs run off a gearbox designed by TM, but there's so much deviation in quality. From just using cheaper materials, to having completely misaligned gears when assembled.
Similarly gas blowback guns, while requiring less precision per se, still rely on the quality of their internals.

How much do you intend to use the gun, and where do you intend to use it? I really enjoy CQB, and not a game day goes by that I don't use my sidearm. In fact, I could say that I've probably fired my pistol more often than my primary in the past month. I use a TM M9 and a KJW M9 (mostly just the TM now), and they both serve me really well.

If you plan to just use it occasionally as a backup to your primary, you should be able to get away with a KJW/KWA just fine. If you plan to run CQB with just a pistol, you'll likely want to step up to a TM.

TM is given the blanket term of the highest teir pistol in most cases, but KJW and KWA aren't bad brands. Since they're full metal, I would just just go with them for the time being. If you go with a KJW, I think you can buy a TM down the line (as long as its not the brand new M9A1 from TM, which is slightly different), and everything should fit into your metal KJW body.

KWA has more realism, with its decocker, but it's not TM compatible. KWA itself has excellent support and replacement parts for their guns though, from what I hear, so you won't be stuck with a paperweight if something breaks.

As for your bit about getting AV'ed - if you do get AV'ed, KJW M9s go through the classifieds in the AV'ed section very frequently. Often with an extra mag or even a spare parts gun, for much cheaper than if you got them new.
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