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Thanks for the info guys

Firestorm -

Appreciate the warning but I wasn't going to import, nor was I trying to buy with this post. Adding those links was for descriptive purposes only, lol hopefully stating this will not get me trouble (d'oh ). I'll be buying locally and most likely brand new, unless someone here is selling what I want used of course. I'll have to wait until I'm verified to see

I'll look more in to the KWA version for sure. Now I know the TM M92fs is all plastic (abs) so you are suggesting buying that one, swapping out the internals in to a metal frame and buy a metal slide as well? If so, why wouldn't I just buy the KJW full metal version and be done with it? From what I have 'read' they appear to be exactly the same as both are upgradeable, have the same spec's, parts and so on.

I have no problems learning/doing any upgrades, if I can strip a motor and build it up then upgrading my guns internals won't give me a prob lol. But I thank you for the advanced warning. Money isn't an issue either, I'd rather spend up front for what I want VS "settling" for something I'll just be selling later you know.
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