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Originally Posted by GBBR View Post
Power up silencers for mp7 and mp9 will increase range and accuracy, or at least, is supposed to. Those silencers are made by angry gun. Those 2 are the only 2 avaiable on the market able do " increase accuracy" others are simply cosmetic and or hiding a longer barrel upfront
Not completely right

Originally Posted by kullwarrior View Post
Two stage innerbarrel NEVER increases accuracy
You'll never see a video of a retailer testing the range -because the second barrel actually alter the direction.

It's a great concept, however poorly executed.

But IMO, the second inner is actually long enough to restabilize the BB and send it along its way....the increase in flyers and general decrease in precision comes from the BB being damaged at the transition and hopup effect being scrubbed off after the transition bounce. idea but less than ideal execution
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