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Hi everyone

Ok so this should have been my first post but believe it or not (despite looking) I didn't see the intro thread until after I posted lol but, hey no ones perfect.

So my name is Bruce, recently moved to London, ON from the Toronto area and have finally decided to get in to this . Outside of this hobby I play hockey and drift. Before anyone asks... YES I've been drifting years before FnF3 came out haha. Been at it for almost 7 years now, had two Nissan Skyline's that I enjoyed as daily drivers and project cars. Currently no project car but hopefully next spring.

I'm 36 (though you wouldn't guess that looking at me, going to need multiple pieces of i.d to be verified I think lol), have two son's ages 12 and 7, live with my girl friend whom I love and currently work as a Security Officer for Securitas Canada but will be putting my application before Municiple/Regional Police forces soon.

That's a bit about me and I'm looking forward to meeting people on here and in person at local Airsoft meets.

Take care all,

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