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First Gun Purchase...

Hey all.

Well with my first post here on the Forum I'd like to get some thoughts/oppinions on the 3 different manufactures of the gun I'm looking to buy. While I am not asking the usual "Who makes the best gun?" question (lol) any advice is of course welcome .

So basically I know I'm buying an M92 Beretta and after doing some research (and still researching) I've narrowed it down to 3 different choices. Before I reveal them though let me say what I'm looking for,

- FULL Metal (yeah the less plastic the better lol)
- At least 310-340+fps
- Gas with realistic blow back
- Upgradeable internals (stronger springs, valves, ect)
- as close to the real thing as the law allows haha

I am aware of course there's a certain rating at the local Airsoft location with regards to how powerful is allowed. So if/when I compete I'll lower the power but for target practise and feel I'd like to bump it up to the most I can get. I also enjoy field stripping it down and cleaning so again the more realistic the better. I am not concerned with price, have no problems paying the money out for all I'm looking for either.

So here we go with my choices, again feel free to comment or give your thoughts on one or all or even suggest one that I don't have listed. Going to you guys as you all know more then me lol . In no particular order...

Obviously each manufacture is going to claim they make the best but hopefully I can get some 'practical' feedback from people who have used one/all these before. There's a HUGE difference between talking the talk and walking the walk.

Thanks so much in advance and look forward to reading your posts soon.

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