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Originally Posted by lurkingknight View Post
actually I've ended up with some BBs in my silencer on the g36.. not quite sure how, could be those really slow rounds at the top of the midcap when I fill it up, or could be something else... have to game it more to find out.
It means either your inner barrel is slightly skewed or the silencer is. Also can be due to over hop or your typical flyers that are due to a variety or reasons.

Originally Posted by leblanc74 View Post
Silencers on airsoft is only for looks or hide longer inner barrels...the noise is from your gearbox, piston, etc...there have already been a thread on this topic....DO YOUR SeARCH....

Now on a real firearm, it is a different story...
I beg to differ. Yes the noise is primarily from the mech box and motor but down range a silencer will change the report and often deaden the sound.

Also on a GBBR, a good silencer will act as a real one would on a real gun.

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