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Originally Posted by Gato View Post
This needs to be mandatory reading for 90% of the community, it seems particularily so here in Ontario and the Toronto/surrounding area.

On topic:
If it's cleared as a grenade by game control, fuckin rock it, it'll only help you.

If it's not, I've tossed mags into a room and watched people scream grenade and go for cover, at that point I go through the door and shoot them. I've thrown a little blue mouse in a dress through a doorway once at one of the School games. I found it on the floor, shouted grenade and threw it, I had 1 gun dive through the doorway to try escape and 3 others I shot when I entered the room

If it works in any way, shape or form, use it. The device may not have the ability to "kill" the enemy player, but it can draw their attention away for a critical few seconds.

I wound up naming the little blue mouse Millie the Mouse and putting it on the end of an M16A2, I stuck the muzzle around the corner, waved it around and tried to make a cartoony voice while saying "Hi, I'm Millie the Mouse! Let's be friends! Do you want to come play with me?"

No word of a lie, some guy's face appeared around the corner and got halfway through asking who Millie was before he realized what was happening. He also ignored a mercy and tried to raise a pistol, so I shot him point blank in the face for the attempt :P

So, for you, I suggest you get that monkey a proper name
+1 for distraction device awesomeness, I feel hat some people take it to seriously too, buy a orange grenade, use a blue mouse or a little monkey to give you an edge! this is all about having a good time and shooting your friends (hence my cheap load out) and giving them a chance to shoot you back! i'll never understand the usage of majorly and overly realistic gear. anyhow, i'm off to find that mouse a name and use him on thursday!
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