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Originally Posted by Danke View Post
The "quality" that everyone is referring too isn't saying that the airsoft gear will fall apart in your first game (although some stuff is that poorly made and will let you down).

It usually shows up in more subtle ways. MOLLE loops stitched to close so you can't thread pouches into all the slots, upside down fixtures, missing or otherwise non-functional straps and hangers. Stuff you might not even notice when you're a noobie but later on when you try to used it you'll find you've been had.
+1, sometimes the cheap stuff is fail right out of the box, with no use necessary. I don't buy anything made by Condor anymore because I've purchased a vest and a hydration backpack, on separate occasions over a year apart, and both items had easily visible differences in the diameter of the molle loops. Wide loops at the top allowed the pouches to shake and really skinny ones at the bottom that I could barely thread the straps through. Shitty, shitty quality control on those products, I was really not impressed.

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