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Originally Posted by Scrivah View Post
The primary you show is a nylon gun.....try doing that with a full metal gas gun. Probably tear the vest right off your back.

Buy the RIGHT vest the FIRST time and you won't need to buy another one.
This is about what works FOR YOU. For me the rig is great, and i've had no problems using it, then again i don't play outdoors where there is a chance of falling off buildings, running away from explosions or diving through glass. i think that the vest is perfectly ok if you are on a budget and playing indoors, its a very defeatist attitude to have if you think that the superior equipment is superior in all scenarios. if you play indoor on a light basis i have no idea why the cheaper rig wouldn't work if your on a budget. if however you are crawling through mud and falling down hills, you may want to invest more money in a better rig that will obviously outlast cheaper equipment in the long run of abuse. This is common sense and i will continue to use this vest that i paid just over 40$ for, the stitching is reasonable quality and it feels completely fine for LIGHT CQB. I can also attest to its durability, i can hang ANY gun off this vest, ANY, and even though it is polymer, it doesn't weigh that much less then a full metal gun. To the OP, because thats who really matters in this post except for flaming others, determine what your use would be for this vest and then make a decision, if its for light use, in a clean indoor environment i don't see why a cheap rig wouldn't be ok. If your diving through mud, then yeah buy a nice condor rig or something a experienced poster would recommend, i'm just giving you my opinion from my time with my vest.
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