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Question: BAXS on Tanfoglio Limited

I picked up a Tanfoglio Limited CO2 about 2 months ago, and really like it. But I'm having a hard time trying to adjust the hop-up to its minimum setting. I'm new to airsoft, and the BAXS hop-up wheel on this gun doesn't show which way to turn to increase or decrease the setting. I tried both extremes - full-forward and full-back - but see almost no change in the point of impact, the shots are still elevated by about 1" from 5-6 yards.

I use this gun for IPSC practice in my basement when I have no time to take my firearms to the range. So I only need the gun to shoot straight at 5-6yards. Is there a way to disable the hop-up completely? TIA.

P.S. My rear sight is already at the bottom of its travel.
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