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Badly, that's how. You can't intentionally blind or deafen someone. There are loud fireworks that emit a loud clap, and a bright flash; but I don't think I'd throw one at somebody. Decibel level is important to take note of. If your ears are left ringing, your grenade needs to be dumbed down. We've had home made ones you light, but indoors they can start a fire; so I wouldn't recommend that. Unless of course you have a reasonable fire fighting plan just in case. Throwing glowsticks, nerf balls, or whatever stupid object you've decided is a grenade is hilarious and mock worthy. If someone throws a glowstick at you, please throw it back ...but try to hit them.

I don't have an issue with grenades in doors at all. Most milsims I've attended allowed their use, but it had to go bang and spray BBs. General rule of wrist for grenade kills, is a ten foot radius. It's the simplest way, as grenades don't always go off evenly, and hits aren't always felt. If your inside of that radius you can survive by being behind cover. Cover would have to be something that would reasonably shield you from an airsoft gun. Not including riot shields, they don't stop grenades. Then again I'd like to see someone with a riot shield repel automatic fire, lol.
I get what you are saying...we want to keep it fair and no one wants to be walking back to the respawn all the time because of a grenade fight on the field with bb's going everywhere.

I guess what I am looking for is a way to safely breech rooms so that players don't get into a full auto, point-blank, blaze of glory fight in a 10x10 room in typical "paintball" style. I've seen this happen...again and again..and it leads to fights and game interruption for everyone else.

I thought it would be neat to use some sort of noise/grenade device to simulate a "flashbang"...not use an actual one as they are only a little bit illegal in Canada...Players that are "incapacitated" would take a knee for a 5 or 10 count to allow entry and safe dispatch. Just a thought.
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