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Originally Posted by Aquamarine View Post
Does your friends stupidity equate to yours? I certainly hope not, otherwise I'll agree and say no, don't buy one. Dude, just because he lost one doesn't mean you will. Buy the yellow or blue versions.

And for those of you saying that you shouldn't use anything BUT replica grenades or Tornados or those clap-grenades, then you really take yourselves too seriously. Someone should really bring up the mad-dash search to find nerf tail-stabilized footballs and explain WHY those things are still such a hot commodity.

Good christ, take a breather once in a while and realize you're fucking dressing up like an 'army man' to shoot a plastic bb out of a toy gun. You are NOT military no matter how much money your mom lent you use at the local surplus store.
....hmmm...little tense there buddy??? Stupidity...really? He tossed his grenade into a room to clear it...took a hit...put on his red head cover, waited five minutes and went to retrieve the tornado on the way to the respawn to discover a room full of bb's and no grenade...not much stupidity there... Wait, maybe he should have tied a string to his grenade so he wouldn't lose it...that wouldn't look stupid at all.
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