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Quality doesn't mean shit unless you're actually running your gear HARD - but lets take a minute and really think about what HARD in airsoft means - rolling around in the dirt? getting caught on a branch?

I have NEVER been to a game in the years ive been playing where I have witnessed somebody actually abusing their gear wether it was intentional or not - but what I have seen is people licking their thumbs to rub the small dirty spots off their vest.

I've been through a good number of brands myself - Pantac, Condor, London Bridge Trading, TMC and basic no name shit. Its all the same WHEN YOU'RE PLAYING AIRSOFT. Sure some lower end brands have some strings fraying off but who cares - burn them with a lighter and move on. Small colour differentials, but really guys - this is airsoft.

Sure its wise to consider temperature and other factors but really - you're the only one whos going to be able to find out what works for you and what doesn't.

The most important factor IMO with gear is your functionality - How can you access what you need quicker under pressure. Consider this when purchasing your gear - with this comes magazine capacity and anything else you may need while youre on the field.

Lets be honest - You're going to make a purchase of a vest, and a month or two later you're going to find something "cooler" and your first purchase will be irrelevant because you're going to replace it - welcome to airsoft where this will be an ongoing process for just about anything you buy.

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