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Originally Posted by Dynamo View Post
whats wrong with making a new system? if it's better, why not?
variety and competition is good for all. as it forces innovation.
This is true, especially since the VFC is flawed in some regards.

Originally Posted by Scrivah View Post
That's great that VFC has already made an MP5 GBB but I want a KWA GBB MP5. It baffles me that KWA still hasn't made the MP5 as it is one of the most popular sub-machines ever. Just my opinion.
I'm just curious as to why blind faith is being put in to a system that hasn't even been developed yet. KSC's put out some flawed systems... some haven't even been fixed in almost a decade (look at the MP9, for example), so it's not like they have a perfect SMG GBB track record.

Not that I have a hate on for KSC... I have a number of their products.

It's just the blind faith that baffles me.

Marui is 1 for 1 with their MP7, and I'd like to see THAT system, and Marui's best-in-class hop up system applied to an MP5 platform. I would rather see that system transplanted in, over the KSC System 7.

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