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Originally Posted by Kokanee View Post
The sense of entitlement and lack of consumer common sense on behalf of the OP in this thread is just beyond belief....

Want some decent kneepads? Buy these;

I have been using them at work for the last year (and during games) and they are awesome... but they cost real money. You get what you pay for in this sport, like most things.
I take facts from rc forums, where they know everything lipo...
If I lipo battery is stored fully charged over time slowly you will damage sells, causing the battery to puff up and damage the cells, if you're lipo battery very little to no charge the same will happen, when I go into a store ask specifically for the charger for this battery they are selling, then they sell me a charger that won't work with the battery, an expensive charger at that, I'm the one with no common sence?
And I knew the knee pads where not top quality but I decided to try it anyways, they brake within 10 seconds of me trying them on, and I complained... Now the common sence I have is unbelievable.