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Thanks for the heads up!

I just want a side arm that's not going to brake the bank yah know? To round out my kit. It's the reason I was trying to advoid the GBB pistols.

I will look into AEP's. If someone could point me in the direction of some decent side arms for the airsofter on a budget I would appecete it. And of course Canadian retailers who carry such side arms. =P

(Like. If it's $300-$400 forget it. I'd rather just get a 2nd AEG at that point. lol I was realy hopeing for something under the $100 mark, but I guess that was to much wishful thinking.)

edit: Found a canadian retailer selling a bunch of the CYMA AEPs. I'm going to start researching these guns right away! Thanks for the help!

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