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Originally Posted by QUATTROISKING View Post
Just bought a smart charger and battery from Toronto airsoft.
Here is a picture of what it came with.... Am I missing something here what is the black connecter suppose to plug into??? He said all I need is this battery and this smart charger kit. Every video I watch online says you need the balance charger connection whitch is there but not the basic charger plug in (black one on the battery. Am I missing something, how do I use this thing.
Did they not include the proper wiring harness I needed. ? Any help is very appreshiated.
The battery was 35$ (lipo)
Charger 75$ ( intelligent balance charger) ev650a
From your picture it appears that the charger does not come with a lead for the connector type on your battery (Tamiya of some sort I'd guess).

My recommendation is to switch your gun and battery to Deans. But if you don't want to go that route you'll need an adapter.

EDIT: If the salesman said these two items would work together then TA needs to supply the correct lead (banana plugs to Tamiya) or a Deans to Tamiya adapter. Just email or call them to resolve it.

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