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I would also recommend attending more games and spending some quality talk time with more experienced players who have their gear figured out, everybody loves to be asked about their setup and why they built it the way they did. You'll get a lot of good answers.

It really helps to see stuff in person and understand why it works well. Guys like Skeletor above are always around in the gear threads telling people to pay attention to the basics: functionality, stitching, etc... None of these things has to cost a lot of money, but a lot of the Toronto surplus stores sell outright junk to unsuspecting people.

The more experienced guys on this thread who keep pushing these rigs are not gear whores, they've been around the bend a few times and know what works well.. It takes a while to really test your gear and settle on a configuration that works. Often something that sounded awesome when you first suggested it or saw it in a store doesn't actually work well in practice. There's a lot of collective wisdom on the forum from a lot of guys that collectively abused a lot of gear... I'm just starting to scratch the surface myself as I go through the threads, learn from teammates experimenting with their gear, and abuse my own stuff. In any case, starting from a clean, simple, lightweight MOLLE rig is always safe because you can do a lot with it without spending a lot.

If you catch me at UA on a thursday night I can gladly show you how I arrived at my setup, what's good/bad about it, and how you can get something similar on a super-tight budget. Stay away from the stuff at cheeseball stores though! And go check out Army Issue.
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