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I think you have alreaday made a decision primarily based on being able to get to the store and the price.. The rest is just justification of an already-made decision , coupled with the haste and excitement of wanting to get it "now". Just an observation, we've all been there.

If I am at all close with my guess, then your best option is to visit Army Issue and check out one of the 3 Condor setups above. These rigs will take you much farther than the stuff you posted, can be reconfigured to your heart's content, are actually decent quality sewing and fabric, easy to transport, have excellent adjustment and comfort (I love Condor's rotating fastener), and stay awesomely cool in the spring/summer and in indoor play.

You will NOT enjoy that ARK vest in indoor play or in the summer, guaranteed. You will be boiling and unhappy and that vest will end up in a closet somewhere, with your actual rig ending up closer to the suggestions here. Just take that short cut now
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