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I'm not personally a fan of fixed rigs, I would rather have the adaptability of a molle rig.

My recommendation:
Condor MCR4 OPS chest rig add pouches as desired.
Condor MCR6 Ops chest rig. If you use stanag mags this is also a decent option.

Both of these options are high speed light weight and will help keep you cool. You may also want to look into an RRV type rig which is basically the same thing with a flip-up chest panel. Paired with a backpack or a simple hydration carrier you can carry all you need and access it quickly or drop the weight at a moment's notice. A large vest or plate carrier weighs more and doesn't breath very well.

Of course more expensive higher quality options exist but these options are in keeping with the vest you linked.

P.S TACO's are amazing!!! (HSGI taco pouch)

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