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couple things:
1) although im unsure if Skeleton sidearms has upped their game in the last year, but i wouldn't considder them a decent quality gun. i cant tell you where to find nicer guns, but they can be had, do some research and read reviews

2) where are you planning on playing? most outdoor places have an fps limit of 400 some up to 430 and most CQB places have a limit of 350.

3) with a pistol like that, i wouldn't use anything heavier than a .25s. the reason .28s are nice is they improve consistency and the flight path, with a gun like that, your BB trajectory will be limited to the quality of the parts used in the gun and not the BBs. buying .28s will just end up costing you more money for no real improvement.
Mostly target practise and the odd game with friends on property. That's about it and lots of target shooting and misc stuff.

EDIT: We don't have airsoft fields here or any indoor shooting places for that matter.
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