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Originally Posted by Thenooblord View Post
I disagree, as long as you slowly and carefully adjust it , it should be fine, just tighten it until it starts making screeching noises, then back it off until its quiet, usually just a few turns
its not rocket science, and how better to learn how the guns work than through working on it yourself?

well this only matters if his motor is out of adjustment in the first place, sounds more likely that its just the mag unwinding
Adjusting the motor screw is the WRONG place to start. If there is any noise coming from the gearbox (extended whining noise) chances are the gears need to be shimmed. Start here FIRST and DO NOT touch the adjustment screw. Like I said befriend someone who knows how to take it apart and get them to show you the in's and out's. Motors are usually ALWAYS where they need to be right from the factory, so don't touch it.
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