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Originally Posted by Thenooblord View Post
theres and adjustment screw on the bottom of the pistol grip, the screw you see might be the adjustor
The last thing a noob should be doing is any adjusting of the motor height, especially when they don't know what to listen for. Too tight you jam the gears (and most likely break a few teeth on the pinion) Too loose you slip the gears and I guarantee you break teeth off. The motor height should be set just right from the factory. Take the gun to the local store and let them listen. Best thing you can do is get a friend who knows how to disassemble the gun and V2 gearbox and learn how to do it yourself. You will need to get in it many times so you may as well learn. Youtube has some great vids on this too. Learn it!

As for the battery charger.....agreed get a smart charger. The slower you charge the battery the longer it's going to last you and the longer it will hold a charge. You can make the charger charge a 1500mah battery in about 20min but it will do major damage and not last. I recommending charging at a max rate (especially on new batts) of 1A. A 1500mah battery will take 1.5hrs at this rate.
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