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Originally Posted by Adrenalineguy View Post
At $1.00 a squre foot/ month min for commercial space (industrial isn't commercial). The price often dictates the size. so a 20000 square foot space is ideal, but its a heck of a rent bill.

the business part is the limiting factor so sad but so true..
indeed even if you get a "deal" and can wrangle 20 000 feet for $10000 a month you need 500 people paying $20 each just to cover rent.. I've run the numbers several times .. the business model is viable.. but no one is making much money.

Field BBs .. Snacks, gun repair service, and gun sales are all needed to make it pay even a reasonable income to 2 people and a part time income to two more.

As a "retirement enterprise" to suplement pension.. it would be perfect.
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