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Originally Posted by QUATTROISKING View Post
Just got my hands on some thunder b's, and like anyone else wondered, what if I put bb's inside???? How will the spread be? It is hard to see even with white bb's in the middle of the day, so someone do what I can't do, please! Post a video on my idea because I can't find these anywhere locally.

Get .20 or .12 gram GLOW IN THE DARK BB'S, charge them up with a black light, go outside with black light in hand and press record.

Mabe a good idea, mabe an idea I'm going to recive negative response on, meh.... Ill take my chances... Thanks for viewing and you're replies!

Edit*** also use 300-400bbs.

bad idea.
bb's inside a thunder b is dangerous.
there are threads regarding this not just on ASC

Also please take your chances at home, and not on a field.
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